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About Us
Healthy Eyes Alliance

Our Mission

Healthy Eyes Alliance, Inc. (HEA) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, healthcare agency whose mission is “to prevent vision loss and promote healthy eyes.” Its goal is to put an end to preventable and treatable blindness through early detection, free access to vision care (eye exams, glasses, surgery-if necessary) and public education. It operates in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Who We Serve

HEA focuses largely on the vision needs of diverse, low-income communities located within the region’s urban neighborhoods, including those at risk of eye disease and blindness such as African-American, Hispanic-Americans, and immigrant populations from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It services both young children and adults of all ages.


All Healthy Eyes Alliance programs and initiatives are made possible by support from private and public foundations as well as individual donations and bequests.

Our Core Programs At A Glance

Healthy Eyes for Kids

Provides vision screening, eye exams, glasses, and other vision services for low income children to help prevent permanent vision loss and learning difficulties. Our goal is to increase the number of children, especially those in underserved populations, who enter kindergarten ready to SEE and learn.

Using the WelchAllyn SureSight, HEA can identify previously undetected vision problems in 3 - 6 year olds; refering all who fail the screenings to medical doctors for full eye exams. In addition HEA’s vision care coordinators will case-manage the referred children to ensure that as many barriers to care are removed as possible, and treatment is completed.

Adult Vision Screenings

Provides information, education, screening, referral and follow-up for adults to prevent permanent vision loss and reduced quality of life.

Healthy Eyes - Healthy Families

At selected sites, through vision screenings and workshops offered to caregivers, HEA builds awareness of the need for regular eye exams, offers resource guides identifying medical providers in their neighborhoods and makes parents more aware of, and able to take care of theirs and their children’s eyes, thereby creating a culture of vision health for the whole family.


Provides eye health and safety information, education, training, and vision screening on-site for employees to help prevent vision loss due to illness or injury.

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